The Berkeley Fieldhouse in Toronto has never, ever been filled with more laughter and awesomeness than it was the day Marieke & Mark got married. The couple actually planned everything while living in London, England. No easy feat! They moved a few years back but really wanted to have their wedding day back in Toronto amongst family and friends and in their hometown.

They actually also did all the decor and details too – and enlisted the help of family to DIY a ton of stuff and it looked simply marvellous. You can actually see more of these great details here on the feature on Style Me Pretty from this rad Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding. And it was also featured on EventSource’s blog as well. For any of you interested in reading more about our nerdy approach to weddings and how we shoot the wonderfully whimsical – Berkeley Events did a lil ole’ interview with us about our take on weddings.

The Berkeley Fieldhouse is actually located honestly and truly in the heart of downtown Toronto – right on Queen Street. But it feels like it is a million miles from the hustle and bustle of city life in the best way. The lovely courtyard is super sweet and this is where Marieke & Mark had their wedding ceremony – outdoors gotta love it. And that is also where cocktails took place. They had literally the coolest band ever playing – Hairy Holler– they rocked it big, big time. We were so blown away we bought their CD after the wedding! They were incredible radtastic. And so not a typical wedding band. They added such a fun vibe to the day.

We have shot over 300+ weddings – and I can say that in all our years – we have never seen more hilarious wedding speeches than at Marieke & Mark’s wedding. Everyone was laughing so hard – that at some points it was almost silent – you know when you are laughing so intensely that there is no noise. Perhaps it is only a sound dog’s can hear. Literally there were tears of hilarity streaming down all our faces. The dogs in the area must have all wondered what the heck was happening that night!

To Marieke & Mark – may your days and night be filled with that amazing knee slapping, bust your gut silent laughter for decades to come!