Hello there. We are B&B, wedding photographers. This is us, tucking into a juicy burger at our wedding a few years ago. Our name could very easily have been “A Guy with Light-Brownish Hair & A Canadian”, but the logo wasn’t half as nice. A “Brit” is more commonly known as Jason and was born and raised in England. But then he went from bangers & mash, to beavers & mounties when he moved to Canada. A “Blonde” is known to her friends as Jessica and spent half her life in Montreal and the other half in Toronto. And, “oui” she speaks French and knows where to find the best bagels in town. Before shooting perfectly mis-matched bridesmaid dresses and spot on seating cards, we both worked in ad agencies for over a decade shooting commercials, billboards and everything in between for award winning campaigns. We shoot sun-kissed destination weddings in Costa Rica from November to May. And spend June to October in North America for wedding season. That’s right it is sunny for us year ’round! For more about us, why not send our mothers an email. Our shooting skills, what our hair was like in the 90’s, or just for a friendly chin wag – all topics are a go for these ladies.