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Written by Jessica - Posted November 19th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Yes, yes, yes I am aware of the irony of using the word funnest in a heading about a wedding at a School House – where one would think I should be at my most grammatically correct Oxford Dictionary appropriate self. Well I say banish the rules, just like our awesome couple Clare & Matt chose to do for their wedding. Rules are meant to be broken – and what funner (see, what I’m doing here – sorry to any English teachers out there) way to break a few wedding rules then in a School House.

No need for a sit down dinner – serve passed apps and offer yummy food stations instead. See each other pre-ceremony for a fun first look and photo sesh before walking down the aisle that way you get to hang out and cheers with all your guest during the cocktails. Begone boring wedding programs – and hello super creative cootie catcher wedding programs that were simply the bestest (okay okay I’ll stop now, maybe).

Pockets & bows. Clare’s wedding dress had both. And it was EVERYTHING.

Your wedding should reflect your personality. Lisa of Bliss Events did a supercalifragilistic job of bringing Clare & Matt’s vision to life at the Enoch Turner School House in the heart of Toronto.

A quick word about Hudson. Hudson is Clare & Matt’s son and I think that even though he is just 2.5 years old – this kid has more cool factor in his pinky finger than I ever had. Ever. Or ever will have. That face. That hair. That outfit.

Clare & Matt (& Hudson too) – thank you for being awesome, for being you, for being too cool for school in the best of ways.



Written by Jessica - Posted July 6th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Sometimes a wedding leaves me completely speechless, awestruck and wonderstruck – the best kind of strucks really. There was just so much loveliness and pure unadulterated awesomeness that you are left without words just all the feels.

This was the first time we had been to the quite new El Mangroove boutique hotel in Papagayo, Costa Rica. Valerie & Jeremy are from Oklahoma and chose this lil’ slice of paradise for their big day. It was and is stunning and a total treat for us as photographers. We could have happily shot there all the live long day and then some. Besides the incredible backdrop it offers – it is located right on the beach (always rad) and is only 20 mins away from Liberia airport – which makes it double rad to the power of the best thing ever. You see in Costa Rica – the roads are not always the easiest to navigate, so to be sipping a pina colada beachside less than 30 mins after you’ve picked up your suitcases is nothing short of ah-mazing.

The wedding ceremony took place on the beach and Valerie’s brother acted as the officiant – which always gives it that extra something. The reception was in the garden area complete with magically twinkly lights that looked spectacular after the sun had set. Barbara Broutin of FourNineteen Weddings did a truly magnificent job of creating such a gorgeous day for the couple and their guests.

Valerie & Jeremy shall we make a date to see you back at El Mangroove for your 1 year anniversary or perhaps let’s all just meet back there right now – our bags are packed and ready to go!


ThompsonIgnacia: So beautiful!

Barbara Broutin: Absolutely stunning-spectacular!!!! What fantastic fantastic work. Love you guys!

Christina Craft: Ooooh.... Just saw this blog post and had to say how awesome it all looks as a collection. What a gorgeous wedding and an amazing couple! x

ken martin: I was at the wedding and it was an amazing week full of love joy and happiness. El Mangrove was beautiful and the staff made the whole week there very special. I love El Mangrove and want to come back!!!