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Written by Jessica - Posted April 17th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

It was love at first email – oh sorry I’m not talking about how Erin & Jeff met  - I’m talking about how Erin & I met. She had me at: Rats – which is the subject line that popped up in my inbox.  It stood out in a sea of: Wedding date inquiry, Toronto wedding in June and Looking for a photographer. Intrigued, I clicked it open and hilarity ensued.

You see, just as Erin & Jeff were meant to meet – so were Erin & I. As many of you already know, we shoot sunny destination weddings in Costa Rica from November to May each year. Erin and Jeff had been looking for a photographer and could not find anyone that fit their vibe. They are a non-weddingy couple about to have a wedding but they were going to make it non-weddingy and wanted to find a non-weddingy photographer to capture their non-weddingy wedding. They happened upon our site (through a Yelp review from a former bride – thanks Michelle!). They really dug our style and whimsy but when they clicked to contact us, saw we would be in Costa Rica in March.

Regardless, Erin still went ahead and emailed me (which I love her for!). She jokingly asked in the email if there was any crazy chance that we just happened to be in Toronto on March 7 for a family birthday or jury duty or just because we missed the snow. I could not even believe it – we were actually flying into Toronto on March 6 and flying out a few days later, since we had booked a year ago,  a rad wedding at the Burroughes Building on March 8. It was totally meant to be. Not to mention that we discovered that we both use to work in advertising and knew some of the same people. It was wild.

But enough about Erin & I and on to Erin & Jeff! These lovebirds threw a killer non-weddingy wedding. They invited their nearest and dearest to Bravi in the heart of downtown Toronto on Wellington for a big party and some sayings of I do. They were married by one of our favoritest officiants ever – the one and only Mary Beaty. Jeff’s son Quinn was the ring bearer and was sure to keep the rings safe in his lego Yoda contraption. The wedding speech that Erin & Jeff made was probably the most hilarious thing ever – they had practiced for weeks – they had created a lil’ song that had incorporated every single guests name to thank them for coming. This non-weddingy wedding had a ton of heart and a million laughs.

You guys are the raddest and we love that “Rats” brought us together.


Written by Jessica - Posted April 11th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Morgan & Will came down to Costa Rica about a year or so before their big day to scope things out. I was lucky enough to meet them as they were doing tastings, scouting, touring, meeting and greeting. From that moment, we were counting down the days till their wedding at Zephyr Palace. We knew it would be lovely, fun, sweet, epic and oh so very romantical all rolled into one.

The vibe of the wedding was a sort of Great Gatsby meets the jungle. I know, I know, don’t you just wish you were invited! The wedding planning guru that is Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica brought it to life beautifully (as always!). From the spectacular invitations done by non other then Ceci New York, to the impeccable decor by Weddings Costa Rica (complete with Speakeasy might I add), to the literally jaw dropping beaded 20′s style wedding dress that Morgan wore – I was half expecting Daisy to walk in at any moment or for Jay Gatsby to slap me around the shoulders – the old sport.

There was fireworks, dancing till the wee hours to seriously killer tunes from Chris Carter, a DJ that they brought in from L.A. and most likely drinking of champagne out of high heeled shoes – Jimmy Choo of course. If there were chandeliers, swinging from them would have been the natural thing to do. A wedding day for the books indeed.