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Written by Jessica - Posted September 2nd - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Five fantastic years ago on August 2 in a small town about 45 minutes outside of Montreal – Jason & I said our I do’s. Back then, we were both still very much Mad Men – working at ad agencies in Toronto – creating campaigns for big brands and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at our desks. If you had asked me on my wedding day where I saw myself in 5 years – I probably would have said something along the lines of continuing to climb the ad world’s corporate ladder – but secretly hoping to make more time to actually have a bit of a life and find what I love doing.

So to have been in North Yarmouth, Maine at The Barn on Walnut Hill photographing a wedding for a couple who live in Boston – with nary a billboard, tv spot, integrated campaign or viral video in sight was beyond anything I could have expected or anticipated on our 5 year anniversary.

We had a really difficult time finding our photographers for our big day – it all seemed overly posed, cheesy and not us. And that sparked one of those lightning bolt ideas, which literally struck us down while loading our groceries into the car at a Loblaws parking lot (you can’t make this stuff up!). Why don’t we become the wedding photographers that we couldn’t seem to find. BOOM. An aha moment at its finest. And just like that our lives changed forever. And by just like that – I mean a year of hard work, planning, strategizing, concocting, creating, plotting and deciding to quit our cushy ad jobs and jumping head first into this new venture.

In the four years since we started A Brit & A Blonde – we have shot over 130 weddings, been featured over 100 times in wedding blogs, had our weddings featured in 8 print magazines and shot weddings in Costa Rica, Canada, the US, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Maarten and Portugal. Okay blah, blah, blah enough about us – and on to Janna & Jonathan! Or Jannathan – as they will be forever known!

First of all – we adore this location. The Barn on Walnut Hill is the epitome of what you would imagine a classic Maine wedding to be all about. And with the help of Heather of Cairn Events elevated to a level of wedding wonderfulness that is off the charts. Can I just say one word about Heather – unbelievablyawesomeplanner. When she sent me the schedule for the wedding – I almost fainted. It was so perfect and polished – there may have been a fairy glow around it and an audible “ahhhhhhhhh” hum. It came as no surprise that Heather was a key planner doing events at the White House for Mr & Mrs. Obama. Yup. She is a rockstar of presidential proportions. And she now rocks it out as a wedding planner in Maine.

The ceremony took place outside amidst the tall trees and the reception was under a tent in the garden with delicious mouth watering food served family style prepared by Aurora Provisions. Food was a big priority for these two foodies and it was divine. Dancing, chair lifting and Hava Nagila’ing it to the hora were all done in the Barn. Their first dance to The Cure “Just like Heaven” made us love Janna & Jonathan even more. And ending the night with magical sparklers while the couple headed off in a Rolls Royce was perfection.

“Jannathan” thank you for throwing such a beautiful and fun wedding and having us along for the ride. We could have never guessed where we would be in 5 years – and we could not be any happier to have been with you both. Loblaws parking lot lightning bolts are the best.

Leslie Oster: It was such a pleasure to work with you both again! With Heather, it was a dream team! JG2 was one of the really fun weddings to do ... Their aesthetic, passion for good food, wine, beer & parties made them an ideal couple to work with. It was a pleasure, start to finish. Your photos capture the beauty and joy of the whole day. Mazel Tov to the happy couple and thank you for assembling such a great team. Cheers!


Written by Jessica - Posted August 20th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Folks & friends, I would love to introduce you to Tash & Ro. After capturing their wedding in Toronto at The Burroughes Building, I think that they might quite possibly be the most loved couple in Canada. Before their big day – Ro made a point of letting me know that essentially every single person that was involved with the wedding was a friend of theirs. From the bartenders to the security staff to the guitarist to the superstar DJs. Shannan Hayden of Couture Nuptials, a close friend rocked it out as their wedding planner. And of course they are good friends with someone who cooks incredible food – they had their friends at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen cater. What a treat that was – incredibly unique and a personal touch since Ro is also Filipino. For passed apps during cocktails they had a Filipino twist on poutine that was pretty much the best thing ever.  Seriously are you making reservations yet at Lamesa - I am free tonight if you wanna go.

Needless to say there was a ton of love going on for these two lovelies. Jason & I were the only folks they had brought in that they didn’t know well. By the end of the night – we felt like getting in a big circle, arms linked and belting out the Sister Sledge Classic “We are family”. We didn’t. Mostly due to the fact that I am completely tone deaf. So my silence was my gift to everyone. But know that I was singing it on the inside in pitch perfect A Major that would make doves cry.

Perhaps the biggest star that day was a Rotti/German Shepard disguised as a mini Schnauzer – their dog Casper. He acted as the ring “barker” – with the rings fastened around his collar and very regally trotted down the aisle looking his dapperist. A big shout out to Kate from Unleashed in the City Toronto – who did an absolutely incredible job as Casper’s wrangler.

This rainy Saturday did not stop us from getting such fun and playful shots with Tash & Ro – The Burroughes Building is the perfect wedding venue rain or shine! It has so many nooks and crannies. So take that Mother Nature. We could have shot in there for days – especially if Lamesa was providing the grub!



natasha lee oliveros: We are sooooooooo glad to have chosen you guys to capture our very special day! We love every single photo and totally fed off your positive, happy and creative vibes! My cheeks were hurting from all the smiling and my lips dry from all the kissing LOL! Thank you so very much in sharing in our most raddest day ever! Xoxo Tash n Ro

Dylan: Jessica & Jason you two were truly amazing! Absolutely felt as if you guys were part of the family which made everything seem so natural. The pics are awesome! You captured the real vibe of the day and the love between Tash & Ro. Great job! Thank you!