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Written by Jessica - Posted January 13th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Many of you are likely reading this while bundled up in a sweater, wrapped in a scarf, wrapped in a snowsuit, wrapped in total contempt for winter. I know that Chris & Toby’s super sunshiney destination wedding in the warmth of Costa Rica will thaw out even the coldest of you out there. I won’t tell you that there were parts of the day – where we were all so hot that we couldn’t even imagine what it felt like to be cold – because that would be cruel to our friends in sub zero temperatures. So take off your Sorel boots and kick back with a glass of vino and let the sunny sweetness of this Manuel Antonio destination wedding defrost you.

Chris & Toby primped and prepped at the lovely Costa Verde hotel in Manuel Antonio. And said their I do’s with sand beneath their toes on the gorgeous beach a short hop from Costa Verde. One of their friends acted as the officiant and it was a very moving and tear-enducing ceremony. Their sun kissed day was planned by the fantastic Silvia Chaves of Costa Rica Paradise Weddings. For dins the couple opted for a Make Your Own Taco bar which was such a perfect and fun idea. Fueled with taco deliciousness – everyone hit the dance floor at El Avion to dance up a storm.

It is scientifically proven that if you stare at these photos for long enough, the DNA of the warmth gets transferred to you and you don’t feel like a human icicle any more. That may or may not be true but it can’t hurt to test out the theory.



Written by Jessica - Posted December 10th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

If you look at this wedding and think – “hey that couple looks like loads of fun, I bet I could be friends with them” – then stand in line sister – I found them first. They are mine, all mine! I was so enamoured by these two – that I accidentally showed up a day early to our first meeting.

Tommy is a top notch chef who has worked in some of the world’s best restaurants. You can currently find him kicking ass and taking names as the new Executive Chef at Gusto 101 in Toronto.

Emily is a unicorn – she is legendary, one of a kind and all around awesome. There were times when she would email me and her emails would have me laughing so hard that the laughter was silent. You could clearly see that I was laughing but no sound would come out. It would be at a decibel level that maybe only unicorns and Bill Murray could hear.  I would then click “reply” and stare at the blinking cursor – how on earth could I match that. Sometimes, I would have to wait a day or two before emailing back because I had nothing. All retorts seemed like Saturday Night Live when it was bad and she was always Saturday Night Live when it was great.

Because of Tommy’s epic chefness – he knows all the right peeps in Toronto. Their ceremony took place in the wine cellar of Barberian’s on Elm street. Magical, intimate and surrounded by the best wines and your nearest and dearest – you cannot go wrong. The reception, cocktailing and dancing  all took place at splendiferous Splendido – where Tommy recently worked and also happens to be one of Toronto’s top culinary spots. Chef Victor Barry and his unbelievable staff were incredible. The service is literally on a different level then anything we have ever seen. It was an art and a science and we were in awe.  Did I mention that Tommy’s sister in law is Nadege – yup, like in mouth watering macaroons and perfect patisserie on Queen Street West Nadege. She created the dessert table – just in case you weren’t jealous before.

So if you are looking for new friends who happen to be able to rock a kilt like nobody’s business, can have you skip the line up at Gusto 101, have mad hookups with the best macaroons in the city and will have you believing in unicorns again – then you better keep looking because I don’t think they exist.

Celeste Borghesani: Just one word "AWESOME!!"

Emily: Amazing. All of it. You guys. Ugh. The best. Beyonce and JayZ are somewhere suddenly feeling VERY jealous.