Written by Jessica - Posted January 20th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

The first time Shelby met Jeremy – he interviewed her. Not in a bad blind date kind of way though. She was actually interviewing for a position at his company – TrendHunter. And although she did not answer “Marrying you in sunny gorgeous Costa Rica” – when asked the question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” – she got the job and soon stole his heart nonetheless.

These Toronto based lovebirds chose one of the loveliest spots in Costa Rica to be their backdrop for their wedding ceremony – Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio. That view – is beyond beyond. Isabel of Costa Verde did a wonderful job of creating such an incredibly unique aisle for the ceremony- a floral adorned bridge across the pool . I mean how gorgetastic does that look! So to all the couples out there who are not necessarily keen on a beachy ceremony – take note – other fantabulous options abound!

While guests enjoyed popsicles and champagne (again how awesome!) during cocktails. We whisked these two away for some photos amidst the jungle-y rainforest. As the sun set on this majorly magical day – there were heartfelt & hilarious speeches and a rather impressive version of the Fresh Price of Bel Air theme song: Jeremy and Shelby-ized of course. Dancing ensued (and although no attempt was made at dancing a la Carleton to keep with the Fresh Prince vibe) a grande time was had by all.

Shelby Walsh: You guys are the best!

Jeremy Gutsche: Thanks for all the pictures, these are awesome! :)


Written by Jessica - Posted January 13th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Many of you are likely reading this while bundled up in a sweater, wrapped in a scarf, wrapped in a snowsuit, wrapped in total contempt for winter. I know that Chris & Toby’s super sunshiney destination wedding in the warmth of Costa Rica will thaw out even the coldest of you out there. I won’t tell you that there were parts of the day – where we were all so hot that we couldn’t even imagine what it felt like to be cold – because that would be cruel to our friends in sub zero temperatures. So take off your Sorel boots and kick back with a glass of vino and let the sunny sweetness of this Manuel Antonio destination wedding defrost you.

Chris & Toby primped and prepped at the lovely Costa Verde hotel in Manuel Antonio. And said their I do’s with sand beneath their toes on the gorgeous beach a short hop from Costa Verde. One of their friends acted as the officiant and it was a very moving and tear-enducing ceremony. Their sun kissed day was planned by the fantastic Silvia Chaves of Costa Rica Paradise Weddings. For dins the couple opted for a Make Your Own Taco bar which was such a perfect and fun idea. Fueled with taco deliciousness – everyone hit the dance floor at El Avion to dance up a storm.

It is scientifically proven that if you stare at these photos for long enough, the DNA of the warmth gets transferred to you and you don’t feel like a human icicle any more. That may or may not be true but it can’t hurt to test out the theory.