Written by Jessica - Posted December 31st - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

We hear tons of incredible “How we met” stories from our couples. But I think Scot & Mary’s story is fit for a Rom Com featuring Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams. It is the classic tale of Boy meets Girl. Boy tries to find Girl on Facebook. Boy sends an FB message to the wrong Girl with the same name by mistake. New Girl writes back to explain the error and they start chit chatting. Boy and Girl go on about their lives. Boy and Girl both meet people and get engaged. Boy & Girl’s engagements both fall through. Girl messages Boy out of the blue many months later to ask a question about turbulence since Boy is a pilot. Boy and Girl start chit chatting again, love blossoms and I do’s follow. It would be a box office smash hit. I just love that there is a Mary out there that has no idea that she was the catalyst for such a match!

Now cut to their wedding day – set in one of the most incredible spots in Ontario – Point Abino. Scot & Mary’s big day took place at Scot’s mother’s cottage – at the very edge of Ontario right on Lake Erie. And overlooked by a picture perfect lighthouse.  Seriously the makers of Love Actually – are you not writing the screenplay for this now or what.

The ceremony took place outdoors with friends and family from far and wide as guests. And the reception under a lovely tent on the lawn in case of rain. It did drizzle here and there – but Scot & Mary embraced it wholeheartedly – at one point Mary just goes for it, hikes up her dress and dances in the rain impromptu. It made for one of our favourite images ever – since it was such a free spirited moment captured. That image was also featured in Pop Sugar’s Best Wedding Photos of 2015. There you go Paramount Pictures – you already have your trailer – perhaps set to music by The Shins or Air or some other band that always rocks a great whimsical movie soundtrack.

The seating cards for their guests were awesomely painted wooden airplanes that Mary and friends DIY’d – seeing as Scot is a pilot and it was turbulence that brought them together in the end – this could not have been more perfect. They looked so great and were such a unique touch to the day. If we can just take a moment again to talk about the lighthouse and the backdrop of Point Abino – it was beyond incredible. One may even say… cinematic. Amirightfolks. Now if only Ben Stiller would let us use the title There’s Something About Mary…

Mary & Scot – we are so happy you found each other. To quote probably the best Rom Com of them all When Harry met Sally – “When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible”. Wishing you an incredible 2016! And keep an eye out for those movie scripts in the mail ;)

scot: What a nice and funny story Jess! Thanks to You, Jase and Emma. The professionalism, style and beauty you provided that day and the days before and after was impeccable. I only wish that day lasted a week and time would slow down a bit during a wedding. Happy New Year! Love, Scot and Mary


Written by Jessica - Posted May 24th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Three cheers for Rebecca & Mark! Their wonderfully charming and whimsical Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding was featured for the second time on a wedding blog.

Uschi & Kay is a new wedding blog that focuses only on Canadian weddings. Gaelan, the blogger behind it all, is super lovely and design centric. We really love her idea of a Canadian wedding blog – Canadian brides & grooms should have options to be able to find some sweet and perfect inspiration for their big day. So whether you are tying the knot in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Nova Scotia or anywhere in between – Medicine Hat brides are you with me – this new Canadian wedding blog will become your wedding beacon of loveliness.

Click here to check out Rebecca & Mark’s whimsical wedding in Niagara-on-the-Lake featured on Canadian wedding blog Uschi & Kay.

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