Written by Jessica - Posted June 14th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Hello friends! We hope that you have enjoyed our first week of blog posts. If you haven’t yet – check out our posts for Day 1-6 below. Now, you know what makes us tick, what music we love to blare, what possessions we can’t imagine living without, what drinks we are addicted to, that we use to be real-life Mad Men and had a little tour of our house and home office in Costa Rica.

We hope that this week of welcome has made you love us or at least like us as a friend. Not like, like-like. But Facebook “like”. We would really like it if you did. Like you know what I mean.

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One response to “DAY 7: WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO “LIKE” US”

  1. Sofia Protti says:

    I just loved reading your blog. I am so happy that Costa Rica is now, your inspiring home! And i wish you all the best, all the fun and great wedding shoots! I will keep following you!

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