Written by Jessica - Posted September 23rd - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

This photo session was very close to my heart. My very lovely and super brainy sister (MD and PhD, making her a double Doctor – please and thank you from Dartmouth) is the star with her equally bright hubby (Mr. MBA from Tuck).

A few years ago, before “A Brit” and I started shooting weddings – Viv and Ian got married. Since they are busy bees it was tough for them to plan a wedding. So when a friend of a friend of theirs said he could be their photographer, they figured one less thing to worry about. Without time to research things they hired him. Sadly, they ended up with out of focus, poorly composed shots. Not to mention barely any shots of them together. Which is completely loco since it was their wedding!

The only thing that is left after the I do’s have been said, the cake is cut, the dress is worn and the music stops – is the photographs. It is so important to find a photographer whose work you absolutely love – hiring the friend of a friend who just bought a cool new camera or a family member who may get distracted and miss the first dance is a big risk.

We knew that Viv and Ian were super blue about not having wedding photos that they love – so when we went to California, we were thinking only one thing: PHOTOSHOOT!

We went to lovely Sonoma for some wine tasting and it provided the perfect backdrop. Both Viv and Ian claim that they are the most un-photogenic couple in the whole wide world. But I say – balderdash to that! They rocked that vineyard and had a ball doing it. Even busted out their signature dance moves which we captured for them. Although it was not their “first dance” – it was still super memorable.

It really meant a lot to us to be able to finally provide them with the images they so deserved.

Happy anniversary brainiacs!

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Ian: The photographs of our anniversary are truly amazing and I am grateful for the time and effort that you put into the photo shoot. As family, I knew that the photographs you took of Viv and me would reflect the vision and skill that I know you possess. And now, after seeing the stable of artwork that you have provided to your other clients, I know that you approach every wedding as if it were for a family member. Love, Ian

Wendy & Steve: Thank you so much Jess and Jason for taking such lovely pictures. The Sonoma backdrop is a perfect metaphor for the love Ian and Viv share………….it is enduring and grows stronger each year, and like a good glass of Napa Valley Cabernet, it brings great joy to all of us. We appreciate being able to share their day with them through your photographs

Aya: Wow, wow, et 're-wow'. Incredible footage in a great setting, with two of my fave peeps. Having known Viv my whole life, I can honestly say that these are some of the best pics ever. It certainly is impressive to see what good photographers can do with otherwise unphotogenic people. Well done, you managed to capture them at their best!

Meredith: I didn't know the sad story of the out of focus photographer from the wedding! These photos are amazing. Congrats Ian and Viv!

Engaging Rachel: Gotta love a family photo shoot! Brilliantly done abritandablonde...and Viv and Ian too!!!

Viv: Thanks again for the Sonoma photoshoot! You guys are amazing artists- wish you could have been our wedding photographers too!

Bean Benson: <3 this J&J! & double the dose of special b/c it was your sis!! Gorgeous:)

Bob: I love these shots, especially the ones with the old jalopy and through the windshield of a tractor(?) The film of their unusual dance is awesome because you can practically see their every move. Great photos to cherish for a long time in a gorgeous setting. Well done abritandablonde! You are proving here that the white gown is not a must for the most romantic shots.


Written by Jessica - Posted September 7th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

“If I build it, my guests will come.” I am convinced this must have been in the back of David Konwiser’s head when he began creating one of Costa Rica’s truly luxurious Villas in Manuel Antonio: Punto de Vista. After building such a gem, what else was there to do but get married in it of course! And David & Sabrina’s guests did come – from far and wide to celebrate with the happiest couple in the world.

What we are really excited to share is that not only did A Brit & A Blonde have the honour of shooting the couple’s big day – they also asked us to do all the paper design work too. Since “A Brit” is an art director extraordinaire he was right at home with this request.

David & Sabrina were so jazzed about their upcoming honeymoon all over France – like come on, how fab does that sound. They wanted to bring a little bit of that “je ne said quoi” to their wedding day. So we created vintage inspired postcards for each and every stop on their tour de France and beyond: Paris, Nice, Monaco, Alsace…does anybody else feel like eating a baguette and sipping some wine right about now. The postcards were set up in an old vintage suitcase filled with cork bottles and a sign urged wedding guests to “PS: Send your LOVE to David & Sabrina”.

Sabrina is from Costa Rica and her family owns an amazing syrup company called Cruz Blanca – often used for yummy snow cones. So how could we resist – we created fun little stickers that said “Mmmmmm” or “S&D” for the lil’ snow cone cups. Guests were loving them. What a fun and unique touch for destination wedding cocktails.

David & Sabrina love good wine – so we thought what better then to serve their own branded wine to their friends and family. Short of starting their own vineyard – we suggested that we create custom wine labels. And tah dah we created Konwiser Estates for the white wine. And the irresistibly good Chateauneuf de Piedra for the red. It even included a quirky description about each of them as you would expect a wine to be described.

The illustrious Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica was the wedding planner behind this big event. She brought the couples dream to life and then some. Turning Punto de Vista into a french bistro and orchestrating all the logistics it was a day and night to remember.

The ceremony took place in a gorgeous church in San Jose and then all the guests drove down to party the night away in Manuel Antonio at the one and only Punto de Vista. I have no doubt that having your nearest and dearest laughing and dancing their hearts out at the Villa that you designed and built after getting married to your true love that morning – must be the best feeling in the world.

The awesome thing is that you can also get married at Punto de Vista and have your guests stay in the lap of true luxury for a week or more of bliss. Perhaps I should see if “A Brit” wants to renew our vows…I know it’s only been 2 years, but who’s counting!

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David Konwiser: Jessica and Jason - I could not be happier that you were our photographers/graphic designers for our amazing wedding. Your work is beyond amazing, your eyes tuned-in to every detail and your shot timing impeccable! Add to all this that you are both GREAT people and GREAT to work with and you have a very successful wedding and wedding book as a result! You will be receiving many referrals from me to my clients at Punto de Vista...Thanks again...David Konwiser, Owner/Architect AKA "THE GROOM" - Villa Punto de Vista

Sabrina: Thank you so much Sami & Carsten!! A Brit&aBlonde did an amazing job, their designs and photos were so clean and beautifly clever! We highly recommend them! Sabrina. PD. Remember that we need to do our 3rd Wedding Renewal in Tunisia some day!! hahaha

Sabrina **Happy Bride**: Jess and Jay!! Wow!! what a tremendous post!! You guys are simply the best! You made our wedding day such a delightful experience! Its true!. We really loved and enjoyed all the process and the way that you with your amazing ideas brought to life the charming French Postcards, the cute little napkin ties, the tasty and yummy S&D labels for our welcoming snow cones, the sweet and chic wine labels... OMG, where to start, you brought to life the beautiful details of what David and I love... and we had the chance to share all of this with all our beloved family and friends... that really had no price at all. David and I are beyond happy with the photography too, what a killer! You captured distinctive angles and beautiful expressions and feelings that are such a treasure for us. Our parents feel so proud of having such living and artistic memories within your photos. Thank you so much for having been a Special Part of our Special Day!! Sabrina & David

Bob: Incredible photos. Marvelous venue and beautiful, breathtaking villa. What a wonderful escape! As usual your terrific attention to details made this evening an event to remember, for guests and onlookers. I love the suitcase filled with cork and postcards. Bravo!

Samira & Carsten: Hey you lovebirds, we love the pictures!! So beautiful!! From the frames to the wine labels and to the bride and groom themselves. :) Happy Matrimony to the both of you. xoxo Sami & Carsten

jessicahill: Thanks Daniel! That means so much coming from you guys.

Noah Witenoff: Hi guys. What stunning picutres! Great job and hopefully one day you can shoot my wedding :)

daniel kudish: fantastic stuff guys!! what a gorgeous wedding!

Irenia: Many thanks!

jessicahill: Hi Irenia - the church is: Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Fátima. Such a beautiful place.

Larissa Banting: Awesome job, guys!!! It was epic, for sure :)

Irenia: Dear Jessica, Greetings from Si Como No Hotel! Great photos! We are waiting to see photos of Wedding of Sep 03rd at the hotel! I will apreciate the name of this church in San Jose! I am very interest to visit this place.