Written by Jessica - Posted October 12th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Where is the town crier when I need one! Hear ye, Hear ye – A Brit & A Blonde will be in North America from June to October 2012. That’s right girlfriend, prime time wedding season. You know you get invited to a ton of them each year – why not get a lil’ somethin somethin’ out of these declarations of love. The coral coloured bridesmaid dress that you will “definitely get a lot of wear out of” was not really what we had in mind. We are talking lomo.

All you need to do is refer your family, your friends, your enemies whoever is getting married to us and if that referral results in a booking – you’ve just got yourself a free lomo camera (valued up to $120). Pretty sweet right. Check out some of fabulosity that is lomography.

So the next time your friend’s status update changes from “in a relationship” to “engaged” – send them over a nice little Mazel Tov of congrats and let them know you know just the perfect photogs for their big day. They’ll love you for it, we’ll love you for it and you will be the proud owner of a swanky new lomo. (Not applicable to Costa Rica weddings, sorry guys!)

Toronto, Montreal, New York or Moose Jaw – North America here we come! I know you think I threw Moose Jaw in there for some clever hijinx but even Moose Javians need wedding photographers – that’s right I looked it up. Moose Javians, kinda has a nice ring to it.

Thank you for reading our big news, you may continue going about your day now. But remember when you hear about a wedding, think of yourself and that super cool new lomo.

For full boring legal details or just to say hello – contact jessica (at)

Lomo wedding photography Toronto

Destination Wedding in Costa Rica: [...] Help them spread the word, get them some fab US or Canadian wedding bookings and they will be giving YOU a free lomo camera. Who doesn’t love lomo cameras!? Pretty sweet I would say. Check out more deets on their website! [...]

Aya T: hurray!!!!!!!!! J&J back in town! I might just get remarried so that I can hire you, AND get a free Lomo... going to pitch it to the hubby...


Written by Jessica - Posted October 7th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

A London style double-decker bus, a few top hats, a handful of pocket watches, an amazing East-coast band, a late night poutine bar and an awesome photo booth – no these are not items on an obscure scavenger hunt list. They were all part of Rebecca and Mark’s grande vision for their wedding in Ontario’s wine region: Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Mix in extremely creative and hilarious speeches that had the entire room in stitches – including yours truly. Toss in a monogrammed megaphone (you know you want one) and spice it up with spontaneous renditions of 80’s and 90’s TV songs sung by guests to make the bride and groom kiss (the groom is in TV production and could probably “name that tune” with 1 note). Gorgeous flower arrangements by the style geniuses at Mimosa Flowers. And top it all off with a music video of the entire bridal party singing the Full House theme song and you pretty much have the best wedding ever on your hands.

The wedding took place at the very elegant Queen’s Landing hotel which made for the perfect backdrop. And could accommodate beautifully for the couple’s 175 guests.

Poor Angus – the absolutely amazing East-Coast band had everyone singing and dancing the night away. The whole contingency from New Brunswick was in Celtic heaven swinging each other around to all their favourite songs.

And in the timeless classic words of whoever it was that sang the Golden Girls theme song: “And if you through a party / Invited everyone you knew…”well I think we now know what happens when Mark and Rebecca throw a party, amazingness ensues…Blanche Devereaux eat your heart out.

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Tammy Gordon: Jess - these are absolutely fabulous! You are an incredible photographer - I'm so not surprised you ended up using your creative skills for a living. So many amazing shots...kudos to you! :)

Bonnie & Jim: Wonderful photos and great memories. A fantastic time was had by all. Every detail was covered with such percision and all added to a beautiful wedding of two people in love. Congratulations to the happy couple and hats off to the Photographer.

Bob: Great shots! I love the double-decker "Here comes the Ride" the background is awesome, the top hats add a lot of class even when they are tossed high up or are piled up on one head. The guests seemed to have had a wonderful time with the photo booth and the dancing. Great pictures with the girls alone and the guys mesmerized by their pocket watch. Wonderful work "A Brit and a Blonde".

Scott Cameron Smith: Thankyou for forwarding the link to the pics. Poor Angus had a blast at your wedding thank you so much for having us there. The pics are great! Cheers