Written by Jessica - Posted November 23rd - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Once upon a time back in June, a blonde girl with a camera and her two besties happened one day to find themselves alone in a house that seemed right out the pages of Wallpaper magazine.

The home belonged to a near and dear friend, let’s call her Little Yu, that was living it up in Cannes, France at the prestigious advertising awards. What was a blonde girl with a camera to do? A stunningly decorated house, two of her favourite peeps who were dying for some pics to update their Facebook profile and a few suitcases full of rad clothes. Naturally an impromptu photoshoot was in order. Cue the hijinx.

And so the story begins…

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sam benson: Great job you three. the location was picture perfect as well. xo

joseph: I count at least 5 wardrobe changes and Kira and Steph look spectacular. Ahem-you know what this means don't you? Photo shoot at 138 Princess.

Sarah: I love, Jess! The photos are amazing and great storytelling. You are obviously very talented! Miss you! Sarah xoxo

Nata: SO GOOD! Love all the outfit changes. Well done. Kisses, Nata

Hochzeitsfotografie Nancy: Wow. i really dig your style. Great blog and great photos! Love from Germany, Nancy

Naz: This is such fun! I love the setting, the colours!! Inspiring to say the least! Naz

Noah...Bestie #3 I guess :): I AM SOOOO JEALOUS! I better get an impromptu photo shoot These are amazing. You guys look like you had such a great time. Super freakin cool! Love ya Jess!

james: Beautiful work Jessica. Hope life is good for you and Jason.

Bob: Incredibly beautiful photos! Gorgeous ladies! Magnificent home! I just wish I could see the photographer! I would hire her instantly! This is great for your portfolio. Felicitations! You have outdone yourself. Wonderful job.

Tanis: Fantastic!! The ladies look awesome. I love the Kira Triptych, cutest thing ever. And what an inspiring house, beautiful.

danielle: love!!!!! jess, the shots are so beautiful, kira and steph, you guys are so pretty, and chris, your house is amazing.... that's it, i'm photoshopping myself in!! (wish i had been there!) d.

Chris: So that's what you guys were up to. The photos look beautiful. Amazing. Wish I was there.

Kira: Oh, Jess! These are incredible. I was showing my Mom the photos this morning, and she said, "Now who is that?" "That's Steph," I said. "And the other girl?" "That ME, Mom!" "Oh! I didn't recognize you, you look so good." Then she leaned in to get a better look, and said, "Wow!" It's true. You made us look the way we look in our fantasies, our dreams. To think we were just going to hang out in our sweatpants and eat ice cream sandwiches... Love you, Jess. And thank you again. These are unbelievable.


Written by Jessica - Posted November 15th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Love. Probably a million songs have been written about it, a zillion movies made about it and a gazillion poems written about it. Those stats are pretty accurate – I googled it. A Brit and I get to be around it all the time – one of the many perks of the job.

We say it all the time but we have the BEST brides/grooms in the world. One of these fab couples is celebrating their 6 month wedding anniversary today and we wanted to give them a big loveable shout out wishing them a perfect day. Love and happiness for decades to come. Big LOVE to Terri & Dustin who read each other the most touching vows we ever heard, truly from the heart, 6 months ago today on the beautiful beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It was beyond incredible to be a part of their big day. A truly stunning and ultra romantic elopement in Costa Rica.

What is so touching is that Terri has told me that she actually watches the slideshow we made for them each and every morning before she goes to work. It helps to ground her and to remember what’s important before she starts her day. We were so touched by that. We were over the moon that our photos have such a special place in her heart.

We love seeing all of their Facebook updates and they have constantly changed up their profiles for the past 6 months using tons of the images we took of them on their wedding and romantic day after shoot. So awesome!

Much love Terri & Dustin – you guys are the cutest. Hope you come back to Costa Rica to celebrate your 1 year anniversary! xoxo

Santa Teresa beach weddings

Terri: Love, love, love you guys!!! :) Thanks so much for the sweet words & for giving us the most amazing gift--our pics!! Perfection! We continue to fall more in love each day & look back on our special wedding night in CR often. Thanks for being such great "wedding guests"!! HUGS <3