I know many wedding blogs out in the blogosphere post a Tuesday Shoeday each week – and guilty as charged I do love looking at all that eye candy…er foot candy. When I saw the sparkly wedding shoes that our bride Holly wore on her big day last month – I knew that a Tuesday Shoeday post was a must for these puppies. They are truly a pair deserving of their very own blog post. It would be considered unfair not to share the loveliness with the world or at least with other lovers of lovely things.

These magnificent creatures are the design creation of the uber-talented former DJ turned shoe aficionado Giuseppe Zanotti. He outfitted les pieds belles of the Victoria Secret models at this years fashion show, and a Giuseppe Zanotti Design heel is often seen stomping it out on a red carpet or two. Yes, Holly has exquisite taste!

In fact, a girl after my own heart – Holly is actually planning on getting a glass case to house her sassy sparklers. That’s right ladies, the shoes are going up on a pedestal and placed under glass – just like the art piece they are. Perhaps one day Holly will lend them out for exhibit to the Museum of Awesome so we can all get a chance to gawk at them.

Check in tomorrow for the full post on Holly’s vintage inspired wedding. And, no she did not marry her stunning sparkly stilettos.