Did you know that Costa Rica has 60+ volcanos and 7 are still active. Yuppers, we have been witness to the lava ourselves after an eruption of the Arenal volcano a few years back. Quite the sight. And here you were thinking that Costa Rica is just a lush rain forest with some stunning beaches and incredible wild life. ‘Pshaw.

Not to worry, although the looming volcano seems super close, it is far enough away that there is no need to break out any wild “Joe vs. the Volcano” Tom Hanks inspired acrobatics. Although a wonderfully terrible film, I’d rather watch “The Money Pit” (Shelley Long, come on!) or “Big” (never trust an electronic Arcade Fortune Teller called Zoltar, obis). But I digress…

Holly and Damian hailing from Boston wanted somewhere really memorable for their big day. And let me tell ya their friends and family were blown away by the picturesque stunning awesomeness of Arenal. Just because it’s a destination wedding it does not necessarily mean that the beach is the only option for your “I do’s.“ The incredibly luxe Nayara resort was the perfect choice for their accommodations, not to mention made for some stunning wedding photos. Nayara was also where NBC’s reality show “Love in the Wild” was filmed.

The wedding ceremony and reception took place a hop, skip and a jump from Nayara resort at the Koita restaurant – AKA ridiculously bonkers bananas views for miles. Holly and Damian literally exchanged rings and vows with the volcano as their backdrop – pretty incredibly unique.

The stunning look and feel and planning of their fab wedding in Arenal was brought to you by none other than the wonderful peeps at Weddings Costa Rica. Larissa Banting and her oh-so-talented intern Natalia Schilling (who you can always count on to be wearing a rocking pair of Tom’s) are truly wedding planners extraordinaire.

Oh my goodness, almost forgot to mention the coolest detail ever. Instead of having a wedding cake – Holly and Damian opted for cupcakes. Now, we are not just talking vanilla and chocolate, this is a wedding people and this couple stepped it up. The cupcakes were wait for it, wait for it: Almond Joy and Key Lime flavors. The amazingly talented and lover of sugary delights Sweet Constructions baked these. Totally delish…I may or may not have eaten 2.

It was an amazing wedding and we loved being a part of it all. Click the link in case you missed yesterday’s post on Holly’s incredible wedding shoes. Yup you read that right, these stunning stiletto’s were so cool they needed their very own blog post.