Written by Jessica - Posted March 14th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Maybe it’s just us but we don’t feel like wedding photography has to be synonymous with the word “meh”.  At last count, I think there was close to a zillion and one wedding photographers that fuel that fiery rumour that wedding photos all have to feel like they are from 1984 and belong next to your collection of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards.

Here at A Brit & A Blonde – we honestly and truly feel that wedding photos can be and should be deserving of the word awesometastic. Our driving goal is that one day when the good folks at Webster’s finally open our emails convincing them that awesometastic should be included in their next dictionary – that they also would be so kind as to include one of our wedding photographs right along next to the definition. Perhaps they will even choose one from our latest feature – Michelle & Garin’s wedding at the Burroughes Building in Toronto. This wedding was just featured on Wedding Obsession’s blog. We have our fingers and toes crossed Monsieur Webster.

When we are not hard at work adding new lexicon to the English language – we are likely out and about scouting amazing and interesting locations for wedding photos. A big part of what we love is breaking those “made up” wedding rules. Who says a bride and groom can’t take public transportation to their wedding – after all Dustin Hoffman & Katherine Ross did in The Graduate. Who says you can’t have a laugh and be quirky  – that all wedding photos have to be staged and fit in the boring mold. Who says we can’t take our couple to a fun, impromptu sesh in a Lomography store on their wedding day?

You know who says we can’t Boring McLamepants. And well my friends, he is not the boss of us.

Burroughes Building Wedding Toronto

Jenna Richard: Love this!