Written by Jessica - Posted December 19th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Tasha & Curtis are fellow Canucks and wanted to say their I do’s with the sun on their faces and sand in their toes. They chose one of Costa Rica’s most luxe villas Punto de Vista in beautiful Manuel Antonio.

And to round out the Canadian connection – they had Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica as their wedding planner (extraordinaire!) – who is also from the Great White North.

Tasha & Curtis are high school sweethearts, so they have been together for many years already. Having their family and friends watching them say I do on the beach and Tasha finally becoming Mrs. Budgell was such fun! These two have such a great sense of humour – we were all laughing the whole day long. When Tasha broke out the “Curtis” masks that she had made – the good times, dancing and hijinx all got kicked up to eleven.

The last image shown here in their blog post looks nice and romantic, you would never know that two seconds before that Jase & I and Tasha & Curtis were all bowled over laughing our faces off at something Tasha had said. Thanks you two for being such fun and ofcourse truly awesometastic!

David Konwiser: Tasha and Curtis. What a pleasure it was to have you with us! Another amazing spectacle perfectly captured by A Brit and A Blonde! Wonderful shots and memories...- David Konwiser, Villa Architect/Owner

Annabelle: Absolutely beautiful. So many perfect moments had and captured in print!