Written by Jessica - Posted March 30th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

As we were walking up to the stunning March House in Malpais, where Lauren & Otto were getting married – we heard the amazing sounds of Rodriguez being played. That incredible voice – we typically generally hear only as part of our playlists on our long car journeys as we travel around Costa Rica for shoots. Then I remember – ah yes, the groom is from South Africa. Where Rodriguez is king and part of everyone’s music collection. And if you haven’t seen the Oscar award winning documentary Searching for Sugarman – then you really should – but only after you check out this great blog post ofcourse. So, all this to say, from the moment we arrived we knew it was going to be an amazing day.

So perhaps like Rodriguez, whose music traveled from Detroit to South Africa to find its place and home. Lauren who is from Minnesota met the love of her life, Otto from South Africa… in…. wait for it, wait for it….Bermuda. I know kinda cray cray. Individually they had both decided that they wanted an adventure and something different – and moved to Bermuda for work. And this is where they found each other – two people who were already living thousands of miles a part with a chance of ever meeting each other of zilch point zip , met in an even more remote place from where they started.  It is nothing short of meant to be.

Although they both live and work in Bermuda – they chose to have their wedding in Costa Rica where friends and family came from far and wide. It was in the truest sense of the word a destination wedding. The March House is a lil’ piece of paradise and directly on the beach in beautiful Malpais.  (Also where Miley Cyrus stayed a couple of years ago just before her twerking days).

Lisavette & Myriam of Malpais Green Weddings truly outdid themselves with the decor and design. This is why a wedding planner/designer is so key to bringing your vision to life – Lauren had in mind large white curtain type things blowing in the wind as the altar for their ceremony. Malpais Green Weddings took that vision and ran with it so unbelievably beautifully. And let me tell you it was not easy – but these ladies, are creative and had someone come in to scale the tree like a monkey to create the look. It looked divine and was such a beautiful ceremony right on the beach.

It was a wedding day for the books – with love, laughter, spectacular sunsets and shaking of moneymakers and booties.


Written by Jessica - Posted March 19th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

I feel like I need to put a cautionary warning notice here – If you are prone to extreme wedding envy or jealousy, you may need to skip this post. If you have tendencies to pin gorgetastic and whimsical design and decor ideas to your Pinterest board, you may need to create a whole new category for these bad boys. If you have looked at another person’s wedding and wished you could pull a Marty McFly and go back in time and redo your entire wedding – you have been cautioned and warned – Sara & Evan’s wedding contains large amounts of awesomeness and amazingness with a double dose of epicness and coolness. Not to mention the overall radness and jaw-dropping-sweetness of the decor.

Sara & Evan live in Virginia and came down to sunny Costa Rica for their wedding in Manuel Antonio. The ceremony was held on the beach at Karahe and the reception and dancing fun was all up at the stunning Hotel Parador . The unbelievably beautiful yet super playful design was done by wedding planners Aimee & Karen from Tropical Occasions. Hats off ladies, you truly created a magical space. Those insanely cool gold animal figures on the tables were such a fun touch – Sara bought them and spray painted them and they were an incredibly perfect accoutrement to the design.

The flowers were so beautiful and courtesy of the uber talented Liza Lubell of Peartree Flowers. She lives in Brooklyn but was in Costa Rica to work on this most lovely wedding.

We heart this wedding. We adore Sara & Evan. We love that we were the ones they chose to capture all the fun.



Jessica: They are from Cusp by Neiman Marcus - called Parker Bayou Maxi Dress. hugs xoxo

Morgan: Where are the bridesmaids dresses from? Beautiful!