Written by Jessica - Posted June 30th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Jason & I were the oldest people at Howie & Mary’s wedding. There were no parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles twice removed. It was “just the kids”, as my mother would say. All the way from NYC to have the time of their lives with their bestest of friends. Before you have visions of Lord of the Flies: The Wedding Edition – these “kids” were on their best behaviour…they may have all ended up in the pool at the end of the night but it was the pools fault, looking all refreshing and inviting and stuff.

It was the first time we had shot a wedding in the Papagayo area of Costa Rica. It is a quieter, more secluded area that has some new resorts springing up.┬áThe grounds at the Hilton Papagayo are pretty extensive – no shortage of lovely loveliness for us to shoot. We could have shot their couples portraits all day long, but thought as the oldest people there, we had a responsibility to at least get them to the ceremony on time. The wedding planners did a top notch lovely job with the ceremony setup on the beach. Picture perfect and just what Howie & Mary wanted. The cocktails and reception took place around the pool of the Resort’s spa. A destination wedding at its best.

Three cheers you crazy kids. May you always have a pool nearby and friends to jump in it with you.

Torsten Hochzeitsfotograf: What great idea for the small group photo!! i like your work! Love from germany, Torsten


Written by Jessica - Posted June 7th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

I can probably say with great confidence that no wedding reception in the history of Los Altos in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica ever was as much fun as Amiee & Adam’s big day. Let me tell you friends, these peeps know how to throw down. You mix in novelty sunglasses, carnival style props and masks, a Costa Rican comparsa, a groom who is a big kid at heart and friends who know every single word to Biz Markie’s 90’s hip hop classic “Just a friend” – and you have a most killer wedding on your hands.

Dressed to the nines and looking every inch dapper and lovely – Amiee & Adam did not need to worry about Louboutins getting stuck in the sand or rolling up tuxedo pants because the tide was rolling in. Costa Rica has amazing beaches, but their non beach destination weddings are not to be outdone. Their wedding took place amidst the greenery and rainforest at Los Altos with a stunning view of the ocean. It was technically the beginning of rainy season, and Mother Nature showed us what she had with a ton of rain at the beginning of their wedding day. The bonus: just before the ceremony it all cleared up, and the greens were all looking greener then green which made for stunning backdrops.

Larissa Banting of Weddings Costa Rica created and designed a magical ceremony and reception that made everyone wish the night would never end. There were smiles for miles, hi jinx and hilarity, and a non stop, no holds barred, take no prisoners, shake what yo mamma gave you dance party. Manuel Antonio has never been the same since.

Amiee Aloi: Jess and Jason, you are amazing! Looking through our photos is like reliving every wonderful moment from our wedding day. A million thanks to you!

Melissa Peters: This wedding puts Kimye's to shame. En serio. A&A, you are some damn fine looking and hilariously fun people. Thanks to A Brit & A Blonde for capturing the night so perfectly!