Written by Jessica - Posted August 20th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Folks & friends, I would love to introduce you to Tash & Ro. After capturing their wedding in Toronto at The Burroughes Building, I think that they might quite possibly be the most loved couple in Canada. Before their big day – Ro made a point of letting me know that essentially every single person that was involved with the wedding was a friend of theirs. From the bartenders to the security staff to the guitarist to the superstar DJs. Shannan Hayden of Couture Nuptials, a close friend rocked it out as their wedding planner. And of course they are good friends with someone who cooks incredible food – they had their friends at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen cater. What a treat that was – incredibly unique and a personal touch since Ro is also Filipino. For passed apps during cocktails they had a Filipino twist on poutine that was pretty much the best thing ever.  Seriously are you making reservations yet at Lamesa – I am free tonight if you wanna go.

Needless to say there was a ton of love going on for these two lovelies. Jason & I were the only folks they had brought in that they didn’t know well. By the end of the night – we felt like getting in a big circle, arms linked and belting out the Sister Sledge Classic “We are family”. We didn’t. Mostly due to the fact that I am completely tone deaf. So my silence was my gift to everyone. But know that I was singing it on the inside in pitch perfect A Major that would make doves cry.

Perhaps the biggest star that day was a Rotti/German Shepard disguised as a mini Schnauzer – their dog Casper. He acted as the ring “barker” – with the rings fastened around his collar and very regally trotted down the aisle looking his dapperist. A big shout out to Kate from Unleashed in the City Toronto – who did an absolutely incredible job as Casper’s wrangler.

This rainy Saturday did not stop us from getting such fun and playful shots with Tash & Ro – The Burroughes Building is the perfect wedding venue rain or shine! It has so many nooks and crannies. So take that Mother Nature. We could have shot in there for days – especially if Lamesa was providing the grub!



natasha lee oliveros: We are sooooooooo glad to have chosen you guys to capture our very special day! We love every single photo and totally fed off your positive, happy and creative vibes! My cheeks were hurting from all the smiling and my lips dry from all the kissing LOL! Thank you so very much in sharing in our most raddest day ever! Xoxo Tash n Ro

Dylan: Jessica & Jason you two were truly amazing! Absolutely felt as if you guys were part of the family which made everything seem so natural. The pics are awesome! You captured the real vibe of the day and the love between Tash & Ro. Great job! Thank you!


Written by Jessica - Posted August 6th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

“Guys, I totally feel like Beyonce today” – this was one of my favourite things Aleksandra said while she was getting ready at Le Germain Toronto to marry her one and only Dave. It was spot on and so her.

For their unbelievably incredible wedding at the Storys Building in the heart of downtown Toronto – they put together what Aleks likes to call her “Dream Team” of creative forces. And I can say it was truly beyond flattering to be a part of such a talented group of peeps. Every single member of this creative squad had a 1976’s Olympic Game Nadia Comaneci moment – 10’s across the board – even from the Russian judge. It was whimsical and wonderful.

Blush & Bloom did the flowers – and by flowers – I mean more flowers than Kim & Kanye likely had on that infamous wedding ceremony backdrop. They were everywhere and they were gorgeous. The Wedding Cake Shoppe created a dessert table spread – yup, you have seen it before… it is the one from your dreams. Cookies, brownies, cakes – oh my! They were all there my sweet tooth loving friends. Life will never really be the same now. Mercedes from Darling & Daisy did the funnest design ever, so many thoughtful details (Aleks is a librarian and the seating cards were all custom old school library cards, there were tons of vintage books everywhere and the list goes on and on) and Kate from Kate MacKenzie Weddings rocked the planning – these two are amazing at what they do. They brought their A game and covered it with awesome sauce. With this team of overachievers Aleks vision came shining through in spades.

Both Aleksandra & Dave are Polish and their families wanted (read: expected) them to have a more traditional wedding. But I can tell you that these two crazy kooks are anything but traditional. Case in point: Aleks knows how much Dave loves pizza so she ordered Pizza Pizza to deliver him a Pizza during the reception. Right next to his bottle of Sriracha. They fought for every little thing they wanted to have at the wedding and in the end everyone “had the time of their lives”. Cue the soundtrack. I think even Patrick Swayze would agree. And I do value his opinion… even in the afterlife.

During Aleks & Dave’s speech they literally thanked each and every vendor – which was super sweet and unexpected. I just want to say the biggest of gigantic thank you’s to them for being such hilarious characters, for making us laugh our faces off all day long and for including us as part of this amazing wedding Dream Team. We are so happy that you guys got the wedding you wanted and we hope you adore the images of your epic day for decades to come. We could not be more thrilled to have been the ones to capture all the love and hijinx. You guys are legitimately “legit” now.  Okay, I am crying into my laptop now. Say something funny, say something funny!

Marta-Sister of the Bride: Gorgeous! You captured the day perfectly!

Lovella Bridal: You did such an amazing job capturing the beauty of this couple's wedding day. Our favorite photo is the black and white one of the bride and groom dancing -- where we can only see a head, a neck and some hands... brilliant! Beautiful.

Dave P: Alek's is crying now too!