Written by Jessica - Posted October 17th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

My love affair with this couple started last October and involved a giant helium balloon that we dubbed Earl. And although Earl couldn’t make it to the wedding, on account that he is a giant helium balloon and he deflated shortly after the shoot last year. His joie de vivre and never say die attitude will not soon be forgotten. His spirit lives on in the images which were featured on Style Me Pretty capturing our fun pumpkin patch fall engagement shoot. Earl forever.

The wedding ceremony took place in the heart of Toronto at Trinity Chapel within the University of Toronto campus. It is, in a word breathtaking. Katherine and Andrew had a family friend marry them – which always makes for a lovely more personal ceremony. The Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, just a short stroll up Philosopher’s Walk from Trinity Chapel was the spot for cocktails, reception and general radness. A perfect venue for these lovebirds since as a child, Katherine played many recitals here. They also both really love music – we swapped epic concert stories (including that time my friends and I saw Chris Murphy from Sloan on the street in Montreal and we literally followed him for 20 blocks – I was 14. We were not Underwhelmed and yes it is a word. I looked it up. It’s one of those skills I learned in my school.) ¬†We also bonded over our over-the-moonness that the radio station Indie 88 now exists. Alan Cross and the Ongoing History of New Music forever.

Rebecca from Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events did a truly stunning, standing ovation worthy job. The decor and planning was top notch. It was a super fun day with a super fun couple. We adore these guys. Weddings where four of your friends put on an impromptu dance party in the window forever.