Written by Jessica - Posted November 25th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

“You are the Game of Thrones to my Sunday nights” Adrienne told Sean during her speech. I well up a little bit every time I think of that line. It stayed with me. It was perfect. It was them through and through. It should therefore come as no surprise that Adrienne is a writer – she is also an artist and an insanely stunning bride.

Adrienne & Sean’s fall wedding at Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto was gorgeous, fun, marvellous, touching & incredible. The truth is it was an entire thesaurus of perfection. Sean’s sister and brother-in-law literally built by hand the wedding arch for the outdoor ceremony that looked right out of a fairytale. Adrienne could have probably worn a paper bag to the wedding and made that look like avant garde Paris fashion. She did however opt for a Vera Wang piece of sheer magnificence instead. Sean, who is head of Production at a rad creative production company in Toronto was doubly dapper and teared up when he saw his bride walk down the aisle – let’s be real here – I think we all did.

Sean comes from out East and Adrienne is from out West. ┬áHer dad is a cowboy – hat included – which he wore during the father/daughter dance in true Calgary style. They had jams from Newfoundland – where Sean hails – as their guest favours. Family for these guys is everything and the love from their amazing group of friends was bouncing off the walls. The fall colours were in full effect & the grounds of Evergreen Brickworks are pretty much just a wedding photographer’s dream come true. Every corner, every walkway, every where we looked – there was beauteous-ness-tacity. We could have happily shot there for days – alas toasts needed toasting, dances needed to be danced and scrumptious food needed scarfing.

To Adrienne & Sean – may every day feel like Sunday night and may every show be as amazing as Game of Thrones.

Dori Christie: Stunning....every bit about this story. Bless, Bless Adrienne and Sean and may they only know health, happiness and love in their adventure. xoxo ~ Dori


Written by Jessica - Posted November 17th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

The combination of a super cute couple who are tres, tres style savvy and very much head over heels for each other, gorgeous fall weather, not 1 but 2 beautiful horses and a backdrop of a horse ranch in Cambelville, Ontario and you have yourself the funnest lil’ engagement shoot this side of Awesometown.

Julia & James will be saying their I do’s in August near Blue Mountain. But in the meantime, we had ourselves an incredible time for their engagement shoot at the horse stables near Milton where Julia boards and rides her two stunning horses. I could tell you that we laughed & guffawed & even tee hee’d all afternoon – but I think that may be fairly obvious from the images we captured. Perhaps I should clarify – only Julia & I were the ones to actually tee hee – which was when poor James was sneezed on by one of the horses. He was looking ever so dapper with horse sneeze on him – a total trooper!

Looking forward to a stylishly gorge wedding this summer with these lovebirds!

Grace Langford: Such beautiful photos that totally reflect who you are. Love you both so much. Mom and Murray.

Mum: Julia and James, Stunning! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Simpatico (horse reference), Soulmates! Those Engagement- Pictures! Are True To Your Characters! Love You Both, Mummy