Okay so beautifullest may not be a word. But sometimes a lil’ liberty with the English language is needed – other non-words that spring to mind gorgetascity, fantabulousness and of course awesomtastic.

Graham & Huy are downtown Toronto dwellers and chose their wedding venue accordingly. What better spot than the Queen West Burroughes Building location. We have had the opportunity to shoot at this coveted downtown Toronto spot multiple times. And each and every time it looks and feels different and the couple can really put their stamp on things.

Maybe it was the ridiculously stunning Jenny Packham wedding dress that Huy wore or the Tom Ford bow tie on Graham in his exquisite suit but these two were picture perfect. Instead of a traditional floral bouquet and boutonniere – Huy made – yup she did it herself – that beyond beautiful jewelled bouquet with lovely vintage brooches and hairpins. Not a blossom in sight. It was one of the loveliest things  – plus she gets to keep it forever, ever. Not one to be outdone – Graham sported a Bluejay feather lapel pin from Toronto company Hook & Furl. The dapperist.

The ceremony was officiated by the one and only Mary Beaty – who always does a splendid job of making the ceremony light hearted and fun. Wedding design and planning was done by Iris Li of Blue Lavender Events – she is a total pro dotting her i’s and crossing her t’s and making everything look perfectly perfect.

This wedding was classic and whimsical and well like I said the beautifullest.