Written by Jessica - Posted November 19th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Yes, yes, yes I am aware of the irony of using the word funnest in a heading about a wedding at a School House – where one would think I should be at my most grammatically correct Oxford Dictionary appropriate self. Well I say banish the rules, just like our awesome couple Clare & Matt chose to do for their wedding. Rules are meant to be broken – and what funner (see, what I’m doing here – sorry to any English teachers out there) way to break a few wedding rules then in a School House.

No need for a sit down dinner – serve passed apps and offer yummy food stations instead. See each other pre-ceremony for a fun first look and photo sesh before walking down the aisle that way you get to hang out and cheers with all your guest during the cocktails. Begone boring wedding programs – and hello super creative cootie catcher wedding programs that were simply the bestest (okay okay I’ll stop now, maybe).

Pockets & bows. Clare’s wedding dress had both. And it was EVERYTHING.

Your wedding should reflect your personality. Lisa of Bliss Events did a┬ásupercalifragilistic job of bringing Clare & Matt’s vision to life at the Enoch Turner School House in the heart of Toronto.

A quick word about Hudson. Hudson is Clare & Matt’s son and I think that even though he is just 2.5 years old – this kid has more cool factor in his pinky finger than I ever had. Ever. Or ever will have. That face. That hair. That outfit.

Clare & Matt (& Hudson too) – thank you for being awesome, for being you, for being too cool for school in the best of ways.


Christina: Wow! Great stuff guys!!! As coincidence would have it, my friend was married at the same beautiful spot almost 20 years ago!!!