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Written by Jessica - Posted October 30th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Sometimes you meet a couple and you just think they were destined to meet each other. Mark is from England and Ivana is from Toronto and they met when they both happened to be in Australia. The stars aligned to having their paths cross while literally at the other end of the world – each of them a gazillion miles from home.

Ivana is an event planner by trade – she throws unbelievable events for a living. So you just know that for her own wedding it was going to be top notch gorge. She enlisted the help of Lexi Haslam of Lexington & Co. to rock the heck out of her big day. She really is a planner’s planner: organized, meticulous, killer styles and marvellous.

Spadina House was the ceremony and first look location – decked out as such a fun English style Garden Party in terms of the look and feel. Complete with their dog Sydney greeting guests as they arrived. This place is such a hidden gem. We have literally lived right near it for years and never knew it was there. Such a perfect spot for a summer wedding. Then off to Archeo in the Distillery District for cocktails in the courtyard and a decadent dinner inside. Florals throughout were done by the incomparable Becky of Blush & Bloom whose creativity is second to none.

Sadly prior to the wedding day – Ivana’s father passed away. He of course was a huge part of her life and was missed immensely. His presence was felt throughout the day – on a locket around her bouquet, a seat for him at the ceremony & a beautiful display in his honour at the reception.

Mark & Ivana danced their first dance outdoors under the sparkling lights in the courtyard at Archeo. They laughed, cried & everything in between – it was an amazing day. We have the Land Down Under to thank for bringing you two together!


Written by Jessica - Posted September 8th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

You wouldn’t know it from checking out the photos from this most lovely Kurtz Orchards wedding in the even lovelier Niagara on the Lake – but this wedding was actually brought to you by Kijiji. Yup Kijiji – but they didn’t meet online. Amanda & Johann – our bride & groom – both work for the company – where they secretly started dating each other. They were so incredible adept at keeping their courtship on the d.low that most people at work didn’t even realize they knew each other. One day Amanda showed up with a fabulous ring on her finger – and it was only then that the office was abuzz with the news.

If you are considering having a wedding in Ontario’s wine country – and you have a vision in your head for what a vineyard wedding would look and feel like – Kurtz Orchards is that vision come to life. It is quintessential winery wedding wonderfulness. And who other than Crystal Adair-Benning & Gina Humilde of Distinct Occasions to create, design & plan the perfect Niagara wedding day. From the sweet outdoor ceremony to the chic tented reception next to the vineyard complete with scrumptious baked bread buns with each guests name tagged on top with an herb for added perfection – it was delightful. Florals adorned the tables and wine barrels all done by top Niagara florist Bloom & Co. were, well they were blooming beautiful.

When we first met Amanda & Johann – they insisted to us that they are – in their words – “the most awkward people ever” & would pose a major challenge for us photographically. We assured them that they had nothing to worry about – and if they just have the time of their lives and focus on each other – that we promise that they will do great. Better than great even! Best to channel any awkwardness into laughs and smiles and that translates into rad wedding photography every time. I would say that these two rocked it – and if this is what awkward looks like – I say bring on awkward.