Written by Jessica - Posted September 23rd - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

This photo session was very close to my heart. My very lovely and super brainy sister (MD and PhD, making her a double Doctor – please and thank you from Dartmouth) is the star with her equally bright hubby (Mr. MBA from Tuck).

A few years ago, before “A Brit” and I started shooting weddings – Viv and Ian got married. Since they are busy bees it was tough for them to plan a wedding. So when a friend of a friend of theirs said he could be their photographer, they figured one less thing to worry about. Without time to research things they hired him. Sadly, they ended up with out of focus, poorly composed shots. Not to mention barely any shots of them together. Which is completely loco since it was their wedding!

The only thing that is left after the I do’s have been said, the cake is cut, the dress is worn and the music stops – is the photographs. It is so important to find a photographer whose work you absolutely love – hiring the friend of a friend who just bought a cool new camera or a family member who may get distracted and miss the first dance is a big risk.

We knew that Viv and Ian were super blue about not having wedding photos that they love – so when we went to California, we were thinking only one thing: PHOTOSHOOT!

We went to lovely Sonoma for some wine tasting and it provided the perfect backdrop. Both Viv and Ian claim that they are the most un-photogenic couple in the whole wide world. But I say – balderdash to that! They rocked that vineyard and had a ball doing it. Even busted out their signature dance moves which we captured for them. Although it was not their “first dance” – it was still super memorable.

It really meant a lot to us to be able to finally provide them with the images they so deserved.

Happy anniversary brainiacs!

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Ian: The photographs of our anniversary are truly amazing and I am grateful for the time and effort that you put into the photo shoot. As family, I knew that the photographs you took of Viv and me would reflect the vision and skill that I know you possess. And now, after seeing the stable of artwork that you have provided to your other clients, I know that you approach every wedding as if it were for a family member. Love, Ian

Wendy & Steve: Thank you so much Jess and Jason for taking such lovely pictures. The Sonoma backdrop is a perfect metaphor for the love Ian and Viv share………….it is enduring and grows stronger each year, and like a good glass of Napa Valley Cabernet, it brings great joy to all of us. We appreciate being able to share their day with them through your photographs

Aya: Wow, wow, et 're-wow'. Incredible footage in a great setting, with two of my fave peeps. Having known Viv my whole life, I can honestly say that these are some of the best pics ever. It certainly is impressive to see what good photographers can do with otherwise unphotogenic people. Well done, you managed to capture them at their best!

Meredith: I didn't know the sad story of the out of focus photographer from the wedding! These photos are amazing. Congrats Ian and Viv!

Engaging Rachel: Gotta love a family photo shoot! Brilliantly done abritandablonde...and Viv and Ian too!!!

Viv: Thanks again for the Sonoma photoshoot! You guys are amazing artists- wish you could have been our wedding photographers too!

Bean Benson: <3 this J&J! & double the dose of special b/c it was your sis!! Gorgeous:)

Bob: I love these shots, especially the ones with the old jalopy and through the windshield of a tractor(?) The film of their unusual dance is awesome because you can practically see their every move. Great photos to cherish for a long time in a gorgeous setting. Well done abritandablonde! You are proving here that the white gown is not a must for the most romantic shots.