Written by Jessica - Posted May 21st - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

Max and Talia are total globetrotters – they have been here, there and everywhere together. So for these travelling lovelies having a destination wedding was obvious. Deciding where would be the best place for their destination wedding was going to be the tough decision. They landed on beautiful sunny Costa Rica and the gorgeous beaches of Santa Teresa. Even though Max & Talia are travel aficionados – many of the guests they were inviting were going to need to get passports for the first time – this was going to be a true adventure for everyone!

Even though they were thousands of miles from Seattle – how does the saying go again: you can take the couple out of Seattle, but they will still bring their Sea Hawk spirit (…and Sea Hawk glasses and Sea Hawk flag and DIY Sea Hawk garter…)

They were expecting about 50 guests and really wanted to have everyone hanging out and enjoying the week together. So they chose Tropico Latino hotel which is right on the beach and they literally booked out the entire place which is awesome. Marianne of Bliss Weddings was their wedding planner and she did a gorgeous job creating such a fun and chill day for this travel themed wedding.

Another reason they chose Tropico Latino was the floors. Come on, doesn’t everyone love a good floor. This wedding party knows how to throw down when it comes to dancing it up.  I mean seriously the song should have been called “Moves Like Max” – not Jagger, sorry Mick. So when they were deciding where to have the wedding – having a proper floor (vs. just dancing on the sand like the rest of us amateurs) was mega important.  And they were so right – that floor in the yoga studio was perfect, the moves were epic and the night was amazing.

Small note: I would just like to take a mini moment to remember my awesome shoes that got swept away by the ocean that day. While I was shooting the bridesmaid/groomsmen pics I took them off to be able to walk better on the sand… and then the tide came in. Shoes – I just wanted to let you know personally how cool you were. We had some great times together and I miss you very much. I hope that some mermaid with good style has found you and appreciates your radness or a fun fish is now using you as a modern house. Stay cool forever.


Marianne Fischel: Such a wonderful day, such a wonderful couple, and such great pictures!! It was a pleasure to be a part of it!!!

Kim Leavitt: Stunning pictures!

Rhonda Cacchiotti: I can't say enough about how beautiful these photos all are the best!

Kari smith: Congratulations Talia and Max...your pictures are amazing! Talia you looked amazing in your dress, such a beautiful bride. Your photographer did an amazing job, the wedding looked like such a fun time in a gorgeous place :)

Talia Miller: OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have been sitting here watching this play over and over and love every bit of it. THANK YOU for capturing the happiest day of our lives and doing an absolutely amazing job! From the moment we saw your work we knew you were the ones and we do not regret our decision! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you!

Lois VanAndre: Max and Talia are a perfect match, the venue was perfect, the group of people so much fun. The kids attention to detail could not have been better. Mix that with a great photographer and wedding planner. What's not to love. What a week, I had the best time ever!


Written by Jessica - Posted March 30th - Photographs by A Brit & A Blonde

As we were walking up to the stunning March House in Malpais, where Lauren & Otto were getting married – we heard the amazing sounds of Rodriguez being played. That incredible voice – we typically generally hear only as part of our playlists on our long car journeys as we travel around Costa Rica for shoots. Then I remember – ah yes, the groom is from South Africa. Where Rodriguez is king and part of everyone’s music collection. And if you haven’t seen the Oscar award winning documentary Searching for Sugarman – then you really should – but only after you check out this great blog post ofcourse. So, all this to say, from the moment we arrived we knew it was going to be an amazing day.

So perhaps like Rodriguez, whose music traveled from Detroit to South Africa to find its place and home. Lauren who is from Minnesota met the love of her life, Otto from South Africa… in…. wait for it, wait for it….Bermuda. I know kinda cray cray. Individually they had both decided that they wanted an adventure and something different – and moved to Bermuda for work. And this is where they found each other – two people who were already living thousands of miles a part with a chance of ever meeting each other of zilch point zip , met in an even more remote place from where they started.  It is nothing short of meant to be.

Although they both live and work in Bermuda – they chose to have their wedding in Costa Rica where friends and family came from far and wide. It was in the truest sense of the word a destination wedding. The March House is a lil’ piece of paradise and directly on the beach in beautiful Malpais.  (Also where Miley Cyrus stayed a couple of years ago just before her twerking days).

Lisavette & Myriam of Malpais Green Weddings truly outdid themselves with the decor and design. This is why a wedding planner/designer is so key to bringing your vision to life – Lauren had in mind large white curtain type things blowing in the wind as the altar for their ceremony. Malpais Green Weddings took that vision and ran with it so unbelievably beautifully. And let me tell you it was not easy – but these ladies, are creative and had someone come in to scale the tree like a monkey to create the look. It looked divine and was such a beautiful ceremony right on the beach.

It was a wedding day for the books – with love, laughter, spectacular sunsets and shaking of moneymakers and booties.