Is There Any Difference Between Men and Women in Gambling Online

Gambling online is for both men and women but between male and female, there are some differences in their ways to bet and play the ibet888 asia game.

Gambling is not only for men. A long time ago, this game was identical to men because gambling was known to be the rude game and everybody there could get into the fight if they lost the game. It was impossible for women to survive in this game. However, nowadays, gambling online is for both men and women because simply, you don’t need to meet other players and you don’t have to get into the fight or even smell the smoke from cigarettes and more because it is safer.

Is Gambling Online Different for Men and Women?

However, the question appears when people want to know is there any difference between men and women when playing in gambling online? Can women win more than men? When you do gambling in the land-based casinos, you might see more men than women but this is the natural view you see everyday. It is more surprising if you see more women inside the real casino. When women play in the land-based casinos, they will dress up in the glamorous outfit to make them stand out from men.

It is because men sometimes will underestimate them before knowing the skill. Now, all is changed and according to the research from Gambling Commission in UK in 2017, they found out that around 59% of women participated in some games to gamble while there were around 66% of men to play. It means, gambling is not only for men now but more women join the euphoria. Well, men are still dominating but slowly, it will change several years later. Another study also found the similar result.

According to the survey, the gamblers were already split between 56.2% of men and around 43.8% of women. Of course, there are some differences in action because men and women are not the same. Based on the research and survey, men tend to buy in or bet more on the game without thinking for the risk and as long as they see the winning chance, they will go for it and they might spend all their money to bet. Meanwhile, women tend to play safer without missing the chance to win on the game.

The Gaming Preferences Between Men and Women in Gambling Online

Men like wagering more money and women like spending their chips in lowest amount even in gambling online. No wonder that most of problem gamblers are all men because they are hard to control their money to play. Women in general are the Minister of Economy because they will count every penny they spend especially when they already have family. No wonder they can control the bankroll management better than men. It is also the proof that men can lose bigger than women.

However, the difference is not only about the action but also about the gaming preferences because they have their own favorites when it comes to gambling. The purpose of gambling is also different between them. Most of men will do for money and social thing is not their main thing since they only play the game using the online facility. Meanwhile, women have different purposes because some of them will look for the money while the others just want to have new friends and meet someone new.

When it comes to the game preference, women choose chance game which is more appealing for them with less strategy and focus. It means, players can have more time to have fun instead of thinking. Women think they don’t have time to learn and use the strategy on the game to win so they choose to go with the easy one. According to the survey, around 26.5% of men played slot game but around 73.5% of men choose another game. Meanwhile, women are slightly higher to choose it.

There were around 34% of women choose slot machine while 66% of women think of another game. In fact, slot games are more popular than others so you can’t blame them to choose it. Sometimes for women, slot games are the forms of entertainment they should enjoy instead of thinking hard to win and they tend to rely on the luck more. It is because they think that women are luckier than men in almost everything so no wonder they will choose the easy ibet888 asia game and they don’t really like the hard game at all when gambling.